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2019 Welcome Back Campers!

Welcome Back Campers!
We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 camping season! It has been a long winter! I am sure we are all anxious to have some sun and fun! Unfortunately, the rain has recently caused some angst! Keep your fingers crossed that it will dry up soon!
Just a few reminders to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable camping season! • Speed limit is 5 MPH at ALL times, (ALL motorized vehicles; cars, trucks motorcycles, golf carts) • No one under 16 years old should be driving a golf cart. Our children are running about all over the campground! Please also remind your guests of the speed limit! • Please use our bath houses with respect! • All guests must stop and register in the office! Do NOT use your card to allow cars to pass through the gate. • We appreciate the pride you take in your site! Be respectful of others and keep your site tidy and free of debris, such as: lumber, wood and bicycles. • It is important to check your mailbox for updates and electric bills. Many people receive delivery of United States mail. Due to the privacy of everyone adults only should be going into the mailboxes • Building on your campsite (decks, storage sheds, fencing etc.) is prohibited without permission from Barry or Ryan. • Two adults and three children are allowed to register per site. The cost for an extra person is $50.00 per season or $7.00 per visit. • Please be respectful of the quiet time after 9:30 pm! Campers have a right to camp peacefully! • Refer to our website for a full list of our campground rules. They are made to keep everyone safe and to adhere to New York State and Oneida County guidelines.
We work hard to keep our rates reasonable and to provide everyone with a clean, safe campground. We value your patience and positive feedback. If you have concerns, we appreciate the time you take to come to us to discuss them. Keep in mind, this is a privatelyowned campground and the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
We hope you have a wonderful and memorable camping season!